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DEI Strategies

Minority Business Capacity Building is a minority led consulting agency working with Primary Contractors to develop and implement winning Minority Workforce Development strategies. These strategies facilitate the building of authentic relationships that increase career and business opportunities for minorities in the construction industry.

Winning Culture

We have a foundational belief that effective Minority Workforce Development strategies for Primary Contractors must be rooted in having a winning culture in place that provides equal access for all in three vital areas.


Equal Access to Education and Training

For every employee who has aspirational goals for their careers and families Primary Contractors proactively direct them to relevant education and training resources that are aligned with their aspirational goals.


Equal Access to Jobs and Career Opportunities

Job and Career Advancement is important. Through equal access to training and mentorship each employee is provided the resources to upskill when seeking job advancement. We develop the roadmap with you to resource each employee to be all they can be on their career journey. 


Equal Access to Authentic Relationships

Authentic relationships in the workplace that aren’t just transactional are essential for developing a winning culture. The key to success goes beyond aspirational goals and hard work, workers need to know you will be with them every step along the way on their journey.  

Underserved Communities

We believe the ultimate measure of success for successful Minority Workforce Development strategies is they must not only benefit the Primary Contractors, their workers, and Minority Sub-Contractors they work with, they must ultimately lead to the transformation of the minority and underserved communities in which they live.