“Building Winning Cultures for The Opportunity Age” 

Building Winning Cultures for the Opportunity Age

There are unprecedented opportunities in the construction industry right now for winning cultures that promote employee inclusivity and equitable access to thrive in the workplace. Discover below how we work with you to build the capacity to seize these new business opportunities. 

Our Primary Deliverables for Our Clients Are:

Outreach to minority communities to develop a pipeline that will enable the contractor to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

We work with General Contractors to develop mentoring relationships with minority subcontractors.

Guiding contractors through collaborative relationship building with public and trade organizations.

We work with businesses to highlight through their communications the important and meaningful work they are doing in the DEI space.

Initiative and programming that enables contractors to meet government agencies aspirational goals for minority participation on public works project.

We develop and implement DEI communications strategies.

  • internally through meetings and focus groups with staff.
  • externally through website and other social media refinement
  • in the community through collaborative initiatives and advertising

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